Hi—I’m Todd, the developer of That Word. I released That Word 1.0 way back in 2009; it was the first app I developed for iOS. It wasn’t a huge success, but it did garner some fans. In 2014 I decided to remove That Word from the App Store. I hadn’t updated the app in years and the app’s style and features hadn’t kept pace with the rapidly evolving iOS ecosystem. It was no longer something I was proud to exhibit. In the following years, however, I received emails from a few particularly devoted fans asking if That Word would return. At the time, I didn’t know the answer, so my response was “maybe”. Sporadically—in between client work—an update to That Word started to take shape. It’s fundamentally the same game it was before, with a fresh coat of paint and support for modern iOS, and iPadOS, features and devices. Hope you enjoy the game!