Release Notes


  • This release fixes a critical bug with in-app purchases of That Word Plus. Due to an issue with receipt validation, the app would not correctly identify that That Word Plus was previously purchased and would prompt to refresh the receipt every time the app was launched.


  • Add score sharing #70. Your game score can be now be shared at the end of a game or from Personal Scores (via ).
  • Add ability to rate/review That Word in the App Store #90. Your can now rate That Word, or write a review, via About (the button).
  • Change Quit button to Menu button #91. The Quit button was poorly named because it was used to do things other than quit.
  • Fix bug where the time left displayed would sometimes read 0:01 (instead of 0:00) at the end of a round #81.
  • Tweaks to app icon.
  • Shortened the time Game Center player avatars are cached. If you change your Game Center avatar, it previously would have taken a week for your new avatar to be displayed due to caching.
  • Reverted the clock format to use zero-padding; for example, “0:59” instead of “59”, if 59 seconds remain. This restores the formatting that was inadvertently changed in the last release.


  • Minor UX change when resuming a game.


  • Switch to freemium model. That Word is now a free app with an optional in-app purchase to unlock all features. The upgrade is called “That Word Plus”. Features exclusive to That Word Plus are denoted with the Plus symbol. All Plus features are automatically unlocked for users who previously paid for That Word #85.
  • External keyboard support Plus #79.


  • Fix a bug that causes the game score to temporarily display 0 points when resuming a game #83.


  • Support landscape orientation on iPad #78.
  • New settings preference to set the letter tile size for words.
  • Some Dark Mode bug fixes #28.
  • Improved layout on iPad #14.


  • Support for Dark Modes #28.
  • Bug Fixes.


After a long hiatus, That Word returns to the App Store! (The previous version of That Word—3.0.10—was released on and was removed from the App Store on .)

  • Support for iPad devices.
  • Game Center integration for scores.
  • Modern, minimalist UI design.
  • Updated for iOS 13.